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  Industrial Solution


  RealRead provides industrial manufacturers and distributors with a simple and cost-effective way to quickly convert their manuals, catalogs, Adobe Acrobat PDFs in to web-ready content. Whether your in-house team uses our software tools or you rely on RealRead’s team of web-publishing experts, RealRead helps eliminate the redundant and costly work of preparing print materials for publication on the web. RealRead provides patented security features for copyrighted materials and. optional password protection and viewing restrictions to provide you with complete control over the documents you publish to the web.
  RealRead Benefits:
  Complementary to PDFs
  ReadRead offers an easier and faster viewing alternative to PDF. Large, complex documents open quickly, providing customers with more immediate access to the information they need. There is no need for time-consuming downloads of an entire document because RealRead loads the exact page the want to see directly to their web browser.
  RealRead loads on the browser instantly regardless of file size.
  Saves time spent opening & downloading PDF.
  Browser Compatibility
  RealRead is compatible all popular web browsers for both Mac and PC computers and provides quick access to documents for users whether they have dial-up or broadband Internet connections . Viewers can open the file instantly and view it on any browser.
  No plug-ins or downloads needed.
  Ease of Viewing and Table of Contents
  RealRead formatted on-line documents and catalogs look identical to your printed manuals. Click a listing from the Table of Contents and jump directly to the correct section without downloading the entire document that points them to the right place.
  Copyright protection
  Patented security features for copyrighted, paid-access or privileged-access materials. Optional features include viewing restrictions such as duration and numbers of pages to be viewed per session.
  Print on Demand
  Users may print only the pages they need.
  Optional Features
  Monthly Access Logs, Customized navigational Buttons.
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